This resource page will provide names and websites to local charities in three categories.  The "Recipients" category is for charities that have been chosen at one of our events to receive the donation for that quarter.  The "Deserving" category is for the incredible charities that have are somehow on the radar of one of our members but have not yet been chosen.  All of these local (Boulder County) charities are AMAZING and would be great to research and nominate!  The Guys Who Give rule s that a previous recipient cannot be nominated again for 2 years to give a chance for the other charities.  Please use this page as a resource to give money and/or time to these incredible groups and also to bring any of these charities to a GWG event for nomination.  



May-2015 - Attention Homes


August-2015 - EFAA

(Emergency Family Assistance Association)


November-2015 - SPAN

(Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence


February-2016 - Second Wind Fund of Boulder County


May - 2016 - Focus Reentry

August - 2016 - Boulder Bridgehouse

November - 2016 - Mother House

February - 2017 - Empowerment Center

May - 2017 - Temple Grandin School

August - 2017 - Paradox Sports

November - 2017 -

Boulder County CareConnect


February - 2018 - Second Wind Fund of Boulder County

May - 2018 -

El Comité de Longmont

August - 2018 -

Boulder Food Rescue

November - 2018 -

Salute Colorado

February - 2019 -

My Nature Lab

May- 2019 -

Camp For Change

August- 2019 -

Greenhouse Scholars


Immigrant Legal Center of Boulder

The Kitchen Community


Rocky Mountain Legal Center


Cultiva Youth Project


Reverence Movement

Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow

Spirit of Flight Center

202 Fire Victim Assistance Fund

Sister Carmen

Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric Association for Brain Injuries

Blue Sky Bridge

Boulder Emergency Squad



Boulder Shelter for the Homeless

Community Food Share



Impact on Education

Colorado Pet Pantry

Medicine Horse Program

The Art Underground

Wish for Wheels


Realities for Children


Sloyd Expierience

Rocky Mountain Rescue

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