Guys Who Give brings a lot of good into our world and our efforts are making a big impact on our local community.  Through our donations and fellowship at our events, Guys Who Give is building something special.  This resource page will provide names and websites to local charities in three categories.  The "Recipients" category is for charities that have been chosen at one of our events to receive the donation for that quarter (a recipient may not be choosen again for 2 years).  The "Nominated" category is for the deserving charities that have been nominated and drawn as one of the three presented at one of our events.  The "Deserving" category is for local charities that contact us or are somehow on the radar of one of our members but have not yet been nominated.  All of these local (Boulder County) charities are AMAZING.  Please use this page as a resource to give money and/or time to these incredible groups and also to bring any of these charities to a GWG event for nomination.  A heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in the much needed work of our local charitable community.  Please click the drop-down above for charities in your area.

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