This group is perfect for you if:

The Basics

The Events (Process)
Why should you become a member?
  • You don’t have time in your busy life to put in exhaustive hours volunteering but wish you had a way to give back.
  • You want 100% of your donations to go directly to a local charity or organization in our community.
  • You want to be part of building something local, something fresh,
    something that makes a difference, and something that will plug you into a network of hope and positive influence.

LOCAL IS IMPORTANT.  You want 100% of your donations to go to a local charity in your community.


LIMITED TIME BUT BIG HEART.  You may not have time in your busy life to volunteer but you do want to help those in need and can commit to 60 minutes per quarter and $100 per quarter.


TOGETHER WE ACCOMPLISH GREAT THINGS.  You want to be a part of creating a powerful group that will make an IMMEDIATE, POSITIVE, and DIRECT impact on those in need in our community.


CONNECTING. You enjoy meeting other men who care about the local community and causes. 


You are always welcome to join.  We are seeking MEMBERS.  Members are those who sign up with a commitment that we can count on your money even if you can't make an event.



    All meetings are kept to one hour. 

    Simply come with your blank check for $100.  Be ready to meet great new people and support a great local charity.


    Optional!  Participants may write the name of a charity in your local chapter's county (a 501c3) that needs our support on a piece of paper.  Drop it in the hat.  We will draw three and if your charity is selected, you will give a 5 minute presentation to the group as to why this charity needs our support.  Only three charities are drawn to present at each meeting.  


    We will vote to select one of the charities that were presented.  The charity with the most votes will get the full donation for that quarter's meeting!


    Bring a blank check.  You will write your $100 donation directly to the winning charity (so you'll have a tax receipt).  All checks will be collected at the close of the meeting.

Observe the Impact:

    When we come together as a group of inspired men for 60 minutes we make real, positive, and immediate impact in our community.

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