Guys Who Give is about people.  The impact is far reaching with financial commitments helping Boulder County charities do the amazing work they do for their clients but also the community and fellowship of our members.  Hear what folks have to say about Guys Who Give.

Guys Who Give is a unique and innovative model to philanthropy. A conglomeration of community members from all different sectors who care about building a vibrant community--this is a group where everyone wins. The quarterly meetings bring people in from diverse backgrounds and neighborhoods and provides great networking opportunities, all while supporting good, local causes. Guys Who Give builds community while giving back to the community. What I also love about the group is that it provides an opportunity for members to learn about the diverse landscape of non-profits in Boulder County and to hopefully be inspired to support the causes that resonate most with each individual. As part of the group, individual gifts are magnified, and together, they can make a meaningful impact on the work of the recipient organization. EFAA is honored to be one of the first recipients.

Taking part in this group has been very rewarding and I've met some great guys who share a desire to give back, oh and there's the awesome brews from our host Gravity Brewing. There are so many organizations doing charitable work in our area, I can't imagine we'll ever run out of new recipients to help out, it's great to think that we have such an impact. Our community needs us all to help where and how we can; this opportunity is so easy to take part in and combines a group effort and throws in a fun quarterly gathering.

Recipient - EFAA Assistant Director of Development Ashley Rumble

Guys Who Give has many impacts.  Together we can make a large impact on the local charity community but also, there is impact on the members.  Offering a positive opportunity for fellowship and fun all while making a difference is creating a community all of its own.  The idea behind starting Guys Who Give was to create a place for men to plug in despite having busy lives.  We have something special happening here and the more the word spreads and others check out what's happening, the larger good we'll do for these amazing organizations right here in our own back yard!

Member - Mike Crowe
Founder - Justin Livingston

Guys Who Give is an awesome charitable men’s group! They came to us at Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence this past summer and gave us a very generous surprise donation which will help us tremendously in our efforts to provide great advocacy programs for Domestic Violence survivors! Thank you Guys Who Give!

Recipient - SPAN Donor Development Coordinator Aparna Harris

Second Wind Fund of Boulder County is so enormously grateful to the Guys Who Give.   Their organization is such a wonderful  model for giving to the non-profit community.  They educate, present and vote for an organization that matches their passion for giving.  The money donated to our organization will provide 96 hours of life giving services targeted counseling services for youth that are at risk for suicide.  They truly make a difference to the lives in our community.  

Recipient - Second Wind Fund of Boulder County Executive Director 
Faye Peterson

Being a member of Guys Who Give has given the opportunity to financially support several non-profits in the area that are providing critical resources to people in need, and I’m proud of that.  By combining our resources, we are able to donate a significant amount of money to support these local charities, and thus better our community.  I’ve also met some great guys from the community who are passionate about supporting local charities where we live.  I look forward to our events at Gravity Brewing, it’s a great atmosphere and a great group of individuals.

Member - Max Weiner

I joined Guys Who Give Boulder County because I wanted to connect with more people in our

community, and to donate more to local charities. The meetings are fun and easy, and just 4 times per year. We take time to share a beer with friends and meet new people, listen to nominations from our members, then vote on the charity we each want to support. The presentations are interesting, the groups wide-ranging, and the votes are sometimes surprising, but they are all worthy groups. It’s rewarding to be part of a group that knows how to have fun, while helping out our neighbors in this way.

Member - Steve Jeffers
Member - Tony Gambee

Guys Who Give is ideal in every way.  First and foremost, it is a way for me to give to my community.  Take that priority and add in the fact that my donation gets added to dozens of other donations to create one whopping treat for a charity along with a relaxed quarterly connection with like-minded guys and you have a solid recipe for good.  It is low friction and low pressure with high reward.  It reminds me how much good we have in our community.

Member - Adam Gordon

Between work and family obligations, it's easy to dismiss charity work as “I want to but just don't have the time”.  GWG makes it dead simple with (an optional) one-hour commitment (with beer) every three months to vote on that quarter's charity.  That's it.

Member - Bryant Culler

Before I found GWG...I was looking for ways to give back to my community but couldn't find anything that worked with my schedule and was supporting something I really believed in.  GWG works great for me!  There is a minimal time commitment and the organization supports many different worthy causes.

Member - Jonathan Hanst

Guys Who Give is the best kind of agent for change: simple and effective.  Every time we get together, organizations tell us how significantly they've been impacted by our gifts.  For some nonprofits, we exceed their entire annual budget!  For me, it's just great to show up with a bunch of likeminded guys, hear about folks who are working for change in Boulder County, and then show our support.  

Member - Pat Bruns

Boulder County is known for affirming the worth and value of all persons.  We are known for creating opportunities for personal growth & development.  We want people to be whole, well and productive.  We want our communities to be havens of blessing and places of peace.  We value that.  Guys Who Give puts these values into action.   

In today's world $100 does not go far.  But putting together 40, 50, 60 or more donations of $100 adds up to big differences in our community and allows the dedicated non-for-profits of our county not only change lives but also to literally save lives.  How can you beat that?  Can we invest in anything better than the lives of others?

Member - Larry Gerber

I am just so happy to partner with other guys who have such big hearts that they want to work together and provide so much for those charities who are doing so much for those who have such important needs.

FOCUS Reentry thanks Guys Who Give for their tremendous support and dedication. Our agency offers services to a largely disenfranchised and marginalized population, and our entire community is heartened by the compassion this donation shows. With the money raised by Guys Who Give, we are able to provide therapeutic services to people who are transitioning out of incarceration, and to address such basic, immediate needs as shampoo, clean socks, bus passes, and job search support on a case-by-case basis. Thank you, Guys Who Give, for opening your hearts to people so often turned away. Our entire Boulder community is stronger for it.

Recipient - FOCUS Reentry Interim Program Manager Chandra Williams
Member - Jeff Schuler

Guys Who Give just shows how a group of people coming together for the good of others doesn't have to be complicated and can be very powerful.  It's great to see a bunch of guys pooling their resources together to make a large impact in the lives of others.  I am extremely thankful that I was invited to be a part of this group.

We were so surprised and excited by the generous gift from Guys who Give last quarter!  Mother House offers a place to live for women who are pregnant and at risk of homelessness.  They can stay up until their baby is 4 months old.  We offer counseling, education opportunities and help with resources.  There is a small amount of rent required and our moms work or go to school at least 20 hours per week.  This special funding is helping our moms who need extra financial assistance with rent while on maternity leave or when they first come in and have no job.  Mother House has been in Boulder for almost 35 years and we’ve helped over 750 women and babies during that time.  Guys Who Give is an outstanding group who believe in helping quickly and effectively.  We are so grateful! 

Recipient - Mother House Execuitve Director Coreen Schmidt

As a Lafayette-based, youth leadership nonprofit, (EC)^2 often relies on the generosity of the local community.  We are so grateful to Guys Who Give - Boulder County not only for their incredible donation, which will ensure Lafayette youth continue to have access to quality programming at no cost, but also for their sustained involvement in the greater community.

Recipient - The Empowerment Center Execuitve Director Elaina Verveer

There's something very rewarding about collaborating with other guys to give a meaningful shot in the arm to hard-working organizations in our own community. The format is efficient. The impact is timely and direct. I can't think of a better way to maximize a modest quarterly contribution.

Member - Tom Hardie
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